1. MODELA Player

Setting in MODELA Player


The flow of the setting:

1 ‘Model ‘

 Input the size of the material

2 ‘Number of cutting surfaces’
Click ‘Number of cutting surfaces’ and select ‘double side’

3 ‘Model Form’

4 ‘New process ‘
Click to start a new process of roughing/finishing/grilling/surfacing

5 Setting of roughing/finishing/grilling/surfacing
This is for the detail setting of the process, such as cutting surface, cutting area, tool, path, cutting parameter. This step will be discussed in the next part.

6 ‘Cutting/ No cutting’
To select the process that you want to cut. Highlight the process and click ‘Cutting/ No cutting’ to turn on/off the process.

7 ‘Create toolpath’
Turn on the process that you want to cut and click ‘Create toolpath’ to calculate the path of the tool

Scene after creating toolpath

8 ‘Preview cutting’
Click to simulate the output

9 ‘Cut’
Start the cutting process

Setting of roughing/finishing/grilling/surfacing
(In inputs in the following part are only for reference)

1 First side

1.1 First side roughing

Cutting area (All/ Partial)

Tool (check when you use)

Path type

Cutting Parameters (Spindle speed can be set up to 12000rpm)

1.2 First side finishing

Cutting area


Path Type

Cutting Parameters

1.3 First side drilling

Hole Location and Depth


Cutting Parameter

1.4 Drilling on the wooden base

Hole Location and Depth


Cutting Parameter

2 Second side

Change the Cutting Surface to ‘Bottom’ and repeat the step in the first side.

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