Vacuum Forming Instructions

Design to Fabrication Flow

II. Vacuum Forming

Model: Vacuum Former 1820

Size: W432 X D482 X H280mm

Material: PVC, PP

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<Switches of the machine>

Operating Vacuum Former

V1. Select the appropriate Base Tray and a similar size (250x500mm for eg.) Sheet Holder for use.

V2. Insert the Base Tray first.

V3. Place the Model at the center of the Base Tray. Additional 10mm depth base

Is added to prop up the model. The height of the model should be at least 35 mm to be formed properly.

V4. Place the Sheet Holder on the rubber rim. Ensure they are matched to prevent air leak.

V5. Lift up both the large black metal frame and the sheet holder frame.

V6. Put down the large black metal frame.

V7. Secure it by pressing the black ball handle for both sides down securely until you hear a “click” sound.

V8. Place the PVC sheet and put down the sheet holder frame.

V9. Secure the PVC sheet to the Sheet Holder by pressing down the lever on top of the orange handle.

V10. Press the Green Button follow by turning the knob below to on the machine. All the temperate knob should be set to maximum by default.

V11. Put out the Red Heating Panel.

V12. The Timer on the top right should begin. On first forming, the timer should reach around 700-900 before forming

V13. Pull back the red heating panel to test the softness of the PVC sheet if it is ready for forming.

V14. Once ready, pull the handle to the left to lift up the model.

V15. Immediately flip the switch up to initiate air suction

V16.  The PVC will wrap around the model as shown.

V17. Press the White Button in a few short jabs to pump in some air so that the pvc could be remove from the model easily.

V19. Remove the entire sheet and model from the machine and allow it to cool and hardens before detaching the model.

Repeat V8 to V19 for subsequent forming. From the 2nd time onwards, it only takes about 100 seconds to soften the PVC sheet.

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