EAS Laser Engraver Instructions

Step 1

To use the laser machine, open the Corel draw software and eps, ai & dxf files export to plt format.

Note: All vectors (Lines) need to change to red color for cutting.

Step 2

Push up (release) the red button on the machine to start the laser machine.

(Figure: 1)

Press two times control on. 

Light will be on when machine is ready to use. (Figure: 2)

Figure: 1

Figure: 2

Step 3

Double click the icon to use the operating software.

Step 4


Step 5

When the machine going back to the reference point, the reference move window will be appear.

Step 6

Open file

Step 7

Select file which you want to cut.


Step 8


Step 9

Press table down button to go down the honey comb table to protect the laser head knocking with honey comb table.

Step 10

Align the material (work piece) by the left bottom corner of the honey comb table.

Step 11

Press to go the master for height checking. (Figure 3 and 4)

Figure: 3

Figure: 4

Step 12

Put the height checker on the material in line with the master.

Use the tool height checker to ensure the work piece (material) and laser head gap.

Step 13

Use up button to touch the master to height checker. (Figure:5)

It will be automatically stopped when master touch the tool height checker.

(Figure: 6)

Figure: 5

Figure: 6

Step 14

Take out height checker and manual move back to original position.

Step 15

Click to run machine.

Step 16

Click to open the material list.

Step 17

Select on parameter for cutting base on kind of materials and their thickness.

Click and click .

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