Corel Draw Instructions

<Sample Output>

To use the laser engraving machine,

1. Open your file. (.eps, .ai, .pdf)

2. Set paper size to LASER ENGRAVER

3. Place your object at right top corner. Scale it as appropriate.

4. Select Vector data for cutting. Choose the line thickness as ‘Hairline Outline’.

5. Print. Select destination as ‘L – Solution 900.

Click on properties button on the right.

6. Select layer based on colour, click on the v-button on the right to set power and speed. (Power and speed depends on material and thickness. Pls. refer table at the workshop.) Click OK and click print.

7. Go to the laser engraver and align your material by the top left hand corner of the machine.

8. Look for your laser engraving job number by pressing the arrow button in grey.

9. Start your laser engraving by pressing the green button after you have located it.

10. Wait for it to finish and secure the loose pieces with masking tape to prevent them from falling out.

11. Match the cut out pieces with the numbering on screen/model to assemble the model.

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